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Some figures that are surplus to current requirements.
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e-mail me to make an offer or to ask any questions
All prices are negotiable but, as a general rule, the more you want the more generous I'll be.
Postage is additional to the cost of the figures.

Item 1 : Pendraken 10mm late Medieval/Renaissance figures - SOLD

Item 2 : Painted 6mm Sci-Fi army - SOLD

Item 3 : Roundway 15mm Late Medieval figures - SOLD

Item 4 : Magister Militum 10 mm figures  - SOLD

Item 5 : Painted 1/600th scale buildings Price reduced

Item 6 : Unopened packs of Kallistra 10mm War of the Roses  - SOLD

Item 7 : Vintage Plastic kits

Item 8 : Unopened packs of Old Glory 10mm figures  - SOLD

NEW Item 9 : Baccus 6mm Zulu Wars

Item 10 : Heroics & Ros 1/300th Napoleonics  - SOLD

NEW Item 11 : Baccus 6mm buildings

NEW Item 12 : Pendraken 10mm Punic Wars & 16C Ottomans

Item 13 : Baccus 6mm 'Arab' packs  - SOLD

Item 5 : Painted 1/600th scale buildings

Originally intended for use with 3mm figures but eventually decided to use smaller scale buildings from Brigade Models.

Cleanly cast resin with good detailing and all have had 2 coats of matt varnish to protect them.

Total of 28 buildings, 3 ruins & 2 bridges. Now sold in the USA by Pico Armour and would cost your $48 unpainted.

Asking 50 45 and I'd prefer to sell these as a single lot but would consider offers for smaller lots. 




Item 7 : Vintage Plastic kits

A few old plastic kits that may be of some use/interest to someone.

As far as I know none of the kits has any missing parts, some are unopened so they should be fine but others seem OK checking against the instructions.

Lot 7.1 3 unopened packs of Airfix HMS Shannon
These are the 1967-71 version
the lot
Lot 7.2 2 Heller Cadet ship kits 1/600th scale : Royal Louis & Phenix
Phenix has the hull parts separated from the sprue but otherwise unmade
Royal Louis has the hull & most masts assembled but all parts seem to be there & in the right places
Lot 7.3 Airfix Coldstream Guard & British Hussar 54mm kits
Guard kit has many parts separated from the sprues but all are present
Hussar kit has only a few parts off the sprue and all are there

Lot 7.1 - SOLD

  Lot 7.2

Lot 7.3

Item 9 : Baccus 6mm Zulu Wars

Multiple packs of Baccus figures from an abandoned project. This lot would cost you nearly 90 retail.

strips Baccus 6mm Zulu Wars  
120 CZU01 Zulu spear strips     32.00     60.00
24 CZU02 Zulu rifle strips
46 CBR02 Brit infantry skirmish strips     32.00
48 CBR01 Brit infantry marching strips
9 CBR04 17th Lancer strips
9 CBR03 Dragoon/ Mtd Inf strips
1 CBR01 Royal artillery, 4 x 7pr gun & 5 crew strips
1 CBR01 Royal artillery, 2 x Gatling gun & 2 crew strips

Item 11 : Unopened packs of Baccus 6mm buildings

Baccus 6mm Buildings  
1 POA1 American Farm and Barn     19.00
1 POA2 Large Farmhouse
1 POA3 Stone Church
1 POA4 Stone House

see images here

Item 12 : Pendraken Punic Wars & 16C Ottomans

Bits left over from completed projects. Many of the figures already cleaned up and primed ready to paint. Take both lots for 26

  10mm Pendraken Punic Wars    

These are from the older ranges, not the current ones on sale ( some are primed)

27 Roman Infantry     12.00 10 kneeling & 17 advancing spearmen
20   Carthaginian Infantry incl 3 off & 1 std
19   Gallic foot various poses incl 5 cmd
20   Spanish foot  
4   Numidian cavalry 2 painted
10   Punic cavalry 3 poses

   10mm Pendraken Ottomans (many primed)    
7 OT1 & 4 Cmd & Sipahis     17.00 5 cmd, 2 Sipahi
9 OT3 Silhidar lancers  
6 OT5 Akinji cavalry  
6 OT6 Dellis cavalry  
6 OT7 Tartar light cavalry  
60 OT13 Tufecki musketeers  
7 OT14 Janissary musket  
11 OT2 Foot command  
7 OT11&12 Light infantry  
15 P7 Cossack axeman  

IItem 14 :