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Some more figures that are surplus to current requirements.
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Lot AND : Job lot of 28mm Medieval Andalusian figures
Lot GRK : 25mm Ancient Greek Light Cavalry pack

Lot AND : 28mm Medieval Andalusian figures

Packs include separate shields where appropriate. Wire spears/javelins provided in separate pack.

37 riders with horses & 23 foot. Nearly 170 value, selling for 125

Manufacturer Code Description # figures Pic
Artizan El Cid Berber Infantry with command 18 A
MED003 Berber javelinmen 8 E
MED014 Mounted crossbow 3 E
MED25 Mounted crossbow 3 E
  Various Cavalry (3 mtd xbow, 7 others) 10 B&C
MED018 Andalusian cavalry command 3 D
MED30 Andalusian mounted characters & command 3 D
MED28 Andalusian cavalry 3 D
MED29 Andalusian archer cavalry 3 D
Crusader DAE006 Spanish knights in chain with spears 3 F
Musketeer AOC24 Muslim horse archers 6 E&F
  NSS102 33 x 100mm wire spears.
Each can be cut to make 2 javelins


Lot GRK : 25mm Ancient Greek Light Cavalry pack

Lancashire Games : pack code 25/390 : Ancient Greek light cavalry

Pack of 8 riders & 8 horses.  Retails at 18, sell for 14