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Lot SS : Spaceships (Lots SSA, SSB & SSC)


I bought these some while ago so all may not all be the current versions (some of the larger ships have been remodelled and are now cast in resin, these are all metal). I have done a good deal of work assembling and priming these as well as giving many of them weighted bases so they are not priced as bare metal.

I’d prefer to sell these as a single lot but will consider selling them as manufacturer lots.

As bare metal these would cost over £300; I’m asking for £250.

Shipping cost by Courier (tracked & Insured) approx £24

For further images and details of the ranges follow the links below

Lot SSA : Ground Zero Games - Full Thrust ships


13 Capital ships, 5 Carriers, 36 Cruisers, 26 Escorts, 12 small & 3 Merchants.

Plus 14 fighter bases each with 4 or 5 fighters. 95 ships & 14 Fighter bases in total.

70 ships & all 14 fighter bases are based on black, weighted bases with a large washer underneath.

The remaining 25 are assembled and primed and bases are included for all of them (not weighted but I’ll put in 25 washers for them).

The factions represented are : ESU – 9, NSL – 21, FSE – 27, NAL – 6, Rim Pirates – 15, Japan – 9 & Scandinavian – 5

I have more details of ship types if needed.





Lot SSB : Brigade Models ships


3 Carriers, 5 capital ships and 4 different packs of 12 fighters & 20 holders for 3 fighters.

1 carrier is fully painted & based, the rest of the ships are assembled and primed, the fighters are as received.

I can provide bases (at extra cost) for the ships to match the one on the painted carrier if desired or simpler stands.  The simpler stands also take the fighter holders. Stands would cost about £1 each.



Lot SSC : Kallistra Earth Empire ships


9 Earth Empire ships. 1 Battlecruiser, 4 Destroyers, 4 Patrol ships and 5 Merchants (3 MB1 & 2 MB2).

5 are primed & based, 9 are primed with bases to fit them provided.


Lot LI : Brigade Models Land Ironclads


I bought these a while ago as I was intrigued by the idea of the Land Ironclads & Aeronefs.

Sadly I never did get around to doing anything with the models.

There is at least one model of most of the range here plus a large lot of various types of aircraft.

The accessories were intended for scratch built Aeronefs, forts and customising some of the land ironclad models.

I'm looking for offers about £150

Shipping cost by Royal Mail Special Delivery (tracked & Insured) approx £12


Land Ironclad Models

British : General, Sovereign, Imperator, 2xBritannic, 4xWarlord, 4xBrunel, 1 each MkIII & MkIV contraptions

German : Albrecht, Berthold, Wotan, Loweherz, 2xWolfherz, 2xFuchsherz, 4xLoki, Volker, , Dietrich, 2xBrunhilde

Russian : Alexandr, Pytor, 3xYekaterina, 2xIvan Grozny, 4xYelizaveta, 2xVoijnaobmen, Vijnaraketa

French : Detendu, Immuablement, 2xVengence, 4xGlorieux, Char St Maxim, Char Mazerey

USA : Saratoga, 2xLafayette, 4xSherman, 2xAmd Cavalry wagon, War rocket launcher

Austria-Hungary : Kaiser Franz-Joseph, 2xKaiserin Elisabeth, 4xvon Radetsky, 4xWaffen, 4xGeschutztes, Beweglicher, Chemische

Belgium : 2xMaria Henriette, 2xLouise Marie, 4xCharlotte Amelie, Tank & Gun contraptions

1 pack of 12 infantry strips


Aircraft (from Aeronef range)

Total of 4 Dirgibles, 38 bombers & 70 fighters of many varied types


Accessories (from Aeronef range)

16 packs of various accessories, mostly gun turrets. Intended to be used for scratch built Aeronefs