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Some figures that are surplus to current requirements.
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Some of these are bits left over from finished projects, others are abandoned projects and even bits bought as samples and never used. All are in good condition unless noted.

Most of the lots are unpainted but there are a few painted/part-painted lots available and maybe more to come later. It is taking some time to sort out and list all the bits as there is stuff from 3 disorganised wargamers here.

 Some larger lots are split into smaller parts but let me know which part lots you'd like and I will e-mail you a total.
All prices are negotiable but, as a general rule, the more you want the more generous I'm likely to be.
e-mail me to make an offer or to ask any questions

Shipping is additional to the cost of the figures.
Postage to the UK will normally be by 2nd class 'Small Parcel' for lots up to 20, 'Signed for' 2nd class for those up to 50 and 'Special Delivery' for larger lots. If you wish to use a different service then let me know before payment.
Postage outside the UK is possible but will be expensive.

Please note that some of the estimates for shipping may be out of date. I will get more up to date quotes as soon as I can.

Payment will normally be using PayPal (I will send you an invoice) but electronic transfer is possible for larger lots.

Items scored through or marked S are sold

Prices Reduced on many items

Page 1

Lot 10G : Pendraken 10mm WW2 German Price Reduced

Lot 10S : Pendraken 10mm WW2 Soviet Price Reduced

Lot 10B : Pendraken 10mm WW2 British Price Reduced

Page 2

Lot AND : 11 packs of 28mm Andalusian figures Price Reduced

Lot GRK : 1 pack of 25mm Greek light cavalry Price Reduced

Page 3

Lot 6FPF : Franco-Prussian War/Risorgimento French NEW

Lot 6RSA : Risorgimento/Austro-Prussian War Austrians NEW

Page 4

Lot 15Nap : 15mm British Napoleonic Foot (possibly old Battlefront ?) Price Reduced

Page 5

Lot Nav1 : Hallmark 1/2400th Napoleonic ships (part &  un-painted) Price further Reduced

Lot Nav2 : 3 packs WW1 ships & Zeppelins Price Reduced

Page 6

Lots BK1 - BK12 : Various reference & wargame rulebooks Additional books added

Page 7

Lot 10GW: Pendraken 10mm WW1 German Price Reduced

Lot 10FW : Pendraken 10mm WW1 French Price Reduced

Lot 10MW : Pendraken 10mm WW1 Middle East Price Reduced

Page 8

Various 25mm Fantasy packs (1980's vintage)   NEW

7 Citadel & 1 boxed Grenadier dragons plus 7 other packs from Grenadier, Ral Partha & Mithril

Page 9

Lot 10Fan : 10mm Fantasy figures from Pendraken & Kallistra Price Reduced

Page 10

Lot 15FAN : 15mm Fantasy figures NEW

Lot 15PHIST : 15mm Prehistoric Animals & Hunters NEW

Page 11

Lot 6F : Baccus Napoleonic French Price Reduced

Lot 6BU : Baccus 6mm Napoleonic Brunswick Price Reduced

Lot 6S : Baccus 6mm Napoleonic Spain Price Reduced

Lot 6BR : Baccus Napoleonic British  NEW

Page 12

7 Lots of Anglo-Dutch Wars Ships 1/2400th scale by Tumbling Dice NEW

Page 13

Lot SS : Spaceships (Lots SSA, SSB & SSC) Price Reduced

Lot LI : Brigade Models Land Ironclads

Page 14

Lot 10SAP : Pendraken 10mm Great Pacific War NEW

Lot 10FIW : French & Indian Wars - Bits & Bobs NEW