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I offer a comprehensive painting and basing service for small-scale figures from 2mm to 10mm.

I am an experienced painter and have been painting for private clients for over 10 years, I am now offering my services to a wider public.

I specialise in 2/3mm & 6mm but, as you can see from the gallery items, I produce a quality product in 10mm as well.

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I paint mostly historical figures, not because of any prejudice against Fantasy or Sci-Fi but simply because I have little experience in those areas. I also mainly limit myself to pre-mechanised warfare in scales above 2/3mm and I don't generally paint vehicles with complex camo-schemes.

If you need help in identifying uniforms etc. I may be able to help. I have a small library of reference works and a fair knowledge of what is available on the 'Net.


I am currently fully booked with painting commissions and it is unlikely that I will be accepting any more in the near future. I'm slowly working my way towards retirement but will be considering whether or not to continue with the painting service, in a reduced form, once current commissions are completed.

What I decide to do depends, at least in part, on how physio. goes with a persistent back problem that has been limiting my painting productivity for much of this last year.


If I have done work for you before then I may be able to take on some smaller jobs but the lead time for even small commissions is likely to be quite long.

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