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I paint 2mm, 6mm and 10mm figures from most historical periods before WW2. I have done some 6mm Fantasy mass armies for HoTT but my main expertise is in historical figures.

I do not paint figures larger than 10mm on commission.

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Painting Services

Please e-mail us and include as much of the following information as you can :

  • Your name and a contact e-mail/address/telephone number

  • The scale of the figures you want painting

  • The period and army/nationality

  • A rough number of figures you want painting

  • The manufacturer of the figures

  • Do you have the figures or would you wish me to purchase them ?

  • Do you want them basing or not ?

  • Do you need them by a particular date ?

  • Any special requirements

I can help with some of the research for uniforms and flags in some periods but, as a general rule, you will need to provide a painting scheme or references to the necessary information.

Prices are always worked out on a job-by-job basis, the prices given elsewhere on this site should only be taken as a guide.

I can usually get back to you within 24 hours or so but I usually need more information before I can give a definite quote so expect to exchange a few e-mails.