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Here are some of the kind comments made by some of my customers over the past few years. They mostly concern 2mm figures because that is what I specialised in until recently.

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2mm Ancients


Very nice. Great detail on the models. They will make great tournament and travel gaming tools. 

Returned for 2 more orders

2mm Zulu War  

I thought I'd wait a day or so to give my considered opinion on them. My "considered opinion" is in fact the same as my first thoughts - namely WOW, these are good! I'm really pleased with the samples. The British infantry company and the cavalry (particularly the lancers) are very much better than I thought they would be. I'm very pleased I got a painter who actually wanted to paint in this scale rather than a 15 or 25mm painter who thought they could easily knock off 2mm blocks.

This customer's ordered 3 armies in a year

2mm ACW & WSS armies for HFG  

Everyone at the club is astounded by the detail on the figures, how do you do a flag that small ? The effects on the scratch-built bases are more realistic than we had expected.

This customer has ordered 8 armies in total

2mm Renaissance Armies & Terrain  

The troops are in terrific shape. All present and accounted for and they all look wonderful. You did a great job - many times better than I could have achieved. If you need a good recommendation let me know; I'll be happy to vouch for you.

I love the colour depth and variety you achieved on my blocks - they really look like a large unit.

2mm Russian Civil War  

Very very pleased with them indeed!

Let me know when you are available for more work

2mm Napoleonic  

Just finished unpacking them (great job packing by the way) and they look way better than the pictures. I still canít believe the detail that shows when the 2mm stuff is painted up and based, it really gives a good feel of mass, and looks much more like an army then having a half-dozen 28ís standing around like a small gang!! Iíll be in touch again when Iím ready for some more!! And Iíll pass your name on to anybody who asks.


6mm War of the Spanish Succession

(Baccus figures)


Worth every penny, I'm delighted.


6mm War of the Roses

(Heroics & Ros)


When I saw the figures I didn't think anyone could make very much of them but these are great.


6mm 1870 (Heroics & Ros)


Beautiful work.  I will continue to work with you.


6mm DBA Instant Army

(Rapier figures)


Well, I've received the DBA Indian Army in the mail today--it's GORGEOUS! It came through the post perfectly safe, without any "casualties" whatsoever. Thanks!

Secondly, since I'm so incredibly pleased with these, I'd like to purchase the other two ancient armies.

2 further commissions from this client.


6mm Spanish Civil War



...beautiful work.  Thank you very much!  I love the entire set.  It is quite amazing to see it out...  now I need to play with it.

Orders are still coming from this customer

10mm Arthurian Britain  

What can I say - they look fantastic! You've got a lot more detail out of these figures than I imagined was possible. Certainly your photo's don't really do justice to the work.

Six armies painted for this customer