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Every job I do is always priced individually based on the client's requirements.

The type of figure, painting scheme, the detail required and the size of the order all have a bearing on the cost so any prices given below should only be seen as guidelines.

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As most of my previous customers have preferred me to supply the figures as well as paint them prices for 2mm include the figure cost. If you wish me to paint your own figures then the price will fall appropriately.

Prices range from about 60p to 1.20 (depending on the code & including the cost of the block) for a uniformed figure block with a simple standard. Particularly large or complex blocks are more expensive as would be a more 'irregular' colour scheme.

Each block usually has about 6-8 colours.


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The price for painting Irregular, Heroics & Ros, Baccus and Rapier figures are all similar, other manufacturers may be different.

Prices range from about 40p to 70p for a foot figure depending on the complexity and variety of the paint scheme. Mounted figures and foot command (including attaching a standard) are generally about twice the cost of a foot figure.


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The price for painting Magister Militum, Irregular & Pendraken figures is 90p to 1.40 for a foot figure and about 1.80 to 2.40 for Mounted. Standard bearers & musicians are about 50%-75% more expensive.

As with all the scales, simpler paint schemes cost a bit less and more complex ones, more.



I can base the painted figures either on our own bases or on any other material supplied or specified by you. Bases can then be textured or finished to your requirements.

The cost of basing is additional to painting charges and is always negotiated on a job-by-job basis.