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Tiny Tin Troops is a fairly new venture (we only started in February 2007) but I have been an active wargamer since 1964 so I can reasonably claim long exposure to and experience of the hobby.

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My name is Tony Hughes and I have been around on the Internet for a while too (since 2000). You may know me by my 'nom-de-Web' of GildasFacit (mis-spelled Latin for 'Gildas made me' - a reflection of my interest in Early Medieval times) if you have an interest in small-scale figures. My 'old' website offered painting advice and tips as well as some examples of my 2mm and 6mm collection.

I have now migrated the better materials from the old site to this site (see the new Resources section) and re-working some of the material as I do so. When time permits I will add more.

I was a long term member of the Society of Ancients and did the layout and design for their house journal Slingshot for over five years and also produced four of their incentive games (I even wrote one of them and co-authored another) so I'm no stranger to publishing either.

I'm an active member on a number of Yahoo Groups and a Supporting Member of TMP (The Miniatures Page)


I am located in the North West of England, in a small town called Ormskirk, in Lancashire.


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Returns and Problems

We don't make many mistakes but, like any human enterprise, there are bound to be a few hiccups.

We need to know if there is a problem with your order so, as soon as you notice an issue, or have any query about the content or condition of your order, e-mail us with the details of the problem. If you prefer to phone then do so but e-mail gives me the chance to investigate the problem before I reply so is often the best solution for 1st contact.

Any and all errors or goods below our usual high standard will be replaced. If the problem is with damage in the post then please keep packaging or, if possible, a quick photo of the state your parcel arrived in would be much appreciated as this helps expedite any claims we make.

If your order has not arrived within 7 working days (14 days for European and 21 for other parts) then please e-mail to tell us so that we can investigate. In the majority of cases we will send a replacement immediately but do reserve the right to ask customers to wait the full 28 days required by Royal Mail before a claim can be started.

We may ask for the goods to be returned in some cases. This can be for a variety of reasons but we will make sure that customers are not out of pocket if we ask for this.


We do ask that customers read the product details carefully and contact us before ordering if they have any queries or doubts that our products will be unsuited to their needs.

If you do decide that the product is unsuitable then we ask you to contact us before returning it so that we can see why this is so and possibly offer an alternative so that you do get what you need.

Notification of a return should be given within 10 working days of receipt.

Returned products should be unused, securely packed and clearly addressed. A refund will be given once the return is received.