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Latest news & products (as at 22nd March 2021)
A few more bits of TTT are back today.
The Spanish & Portuguese flags to complete new the Peninsula range
The updated page of Napoleonic flags in 22mm, now including the two new ranges
Card ship counters for Ancient galleys

More should get done by the end of the week.

Sorry for the delay in getting these added but a combination of a bit of a set-back in my recovery and a computer issue (thanks to yet another faulty Windows Update) have slowed me up.

As you may have heard, the absence of TTT from the web has been due to me having surgery and it will take some while before I'm able to get the magnetic products back. The healing has progressed far enough to do light tasks but nothing that involves lifting or tool use. Lead time on orders may also be a bit longer than usual.

Sorry to say that there are some price rises. I last increased prices over 5 years ago and cost of shipping, packaging & toner have been rising steadily. A single sheet of flags is now 3 and I think that is still pretty good value.

Website re-worked and front page simplified
Flag pages have been rearranged and re-worked for simpler ordering.


Painting Service is now CLOSED

  New Napoleonic 22mm flag range
Available again and now re-worked to include the new German States, Duchy of Warsaw and Peninsula ranges


2mm MDF Magnetic Bases


Ferrosheet & Magnetic sheets

A range of sheet material to make your own bases and movement trays.


Flags (6mm-22mm)

A range of bright and well detailed laser printed flags on high quality paper.

NEW : German States & Duchy of Warsaw and Penisula British.

NEW : Peninsula Spanish & Portuguese coming soon

22mm flags (for 1/72) : Napoleonic Foot - Now updated with the above new ranges

Ranges : Crusades, Flodden, ECW, Ireland 1690, GNW, WSS, 7YW, Napoleonic, Armada Naval and WW2 Posters (for 6-28mm figs).

Card Buildings

Fold and glue 3D buildings (1/300th scale). Laser printed on good quality card.

1/300th Medieval Village and ECW Village

Available again later this week

Card Ship Counters

2D ship counters 1/600th & 1/1200th scale.

Ancient Galleys : 6 sets from Peloponnesian wars to Actium.

Now available again

PDF Documents

Product catalogues, Instructions and Information sheets from all ranges collected together on one page


A selection of figures that are surplus to requirements. Mostly unpainted but some painted stuff too.

Will have this back up in the next day or so and have more items coming up over the next few weeks.


A selection of examples of painted figures from the old TTT Painting Service


The non-commercial bits. Some of my wargaming projects, information and musings.

About TTT & Contacts

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