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A few pictures of our 1/300th card buildings on 'scenic' bases

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Card Buildings Page


Medieval/Renaissance Buildings

  Set BS01  

The Manor House


The Church




The contents of the full 4 sheet set (almost) on 'scenic' bases


Set BS02 - ECW Village


The buildings in this set are similar in style to those in BS01 above but come with printed 'scenic' bases and 'enclosures' into which the based buildings will fit. The buildings can thus be removed and replaced with troops 'occupying' them.

<<< - ECW Church



ECW Manor House - >>>


<<< - ECW Houses



ECW Street - >>>



The cottage (on its 60x30mm base) can be replaced with troops inside the enclosure to indicate that they are inside the building.


The complete set (there are enough enclosures for all the buildings - just not all shown here)