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Lot Ogre : Steve Jackson Games Ogre Miniatures

Ive bought a few sets of the various plastic Ogre Miniatures and have realised that I have too many of some types. What is here is a complete Set 1 of Ogre plastic miniatures plus a Mk IV Ogre & 6 of each Light Tank & Light GEV from Set 2. Also included is the complete set of rules, map and support materials from the Battle Box.

All new, only opened to check contents & take photos.

All the items listed below 45

In red, from Set 1

  • 1 Ogre Mark III

  • 1 Ogre Mark V

All in grey, from Battle Box

  • 1 Ogre Mark IV (set 2)

  • 4 Howitzers

  • 8 Heavy Tanks

  • 6 Missile Tanks

  • 8 GEVs

  • 14 infantry bases with 3 infantry each

  • 1 Command Post

  • 6 Light Tanks (set 2)

  • 6 Light GEVs (set 2)

Everything else it takes to play a game with the models

From Battle Box

  • A giant 28.5" x 33" poster map of battlefield terrain the original G.E.V. map, G1

  • Complete, updated 32-page Ogre rulebook (Battle Box version of 6th Ed)

  • These rules use the hex map above and counters but they work just as well with the models above replacing the counters

  • Counter sheet with game markers, building counters, missile crawler & train

  • Reference and scenario sheet (2 sided A3)

  • Ogre record cards for Mk III, IV & V

  • Assembly diagrams for all Set 1 & 2 models

From Set 1

Ogre Miniatures Lite rules one page of rules for a quick, simple game with the models from set 1. The full Ogre Miniatures rules are available from Steve Jackson Games at