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Steve Jackson's The Fantasy Trip
Also TFT Adventures & Decks of Destiny
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The Fantasy Trip - Legacy Edition (Kickstarter version)

What is The Fantasy Trip?  (link to Steve Jackson Games pages about TFT)

The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition | Board Game | BoardGameGeek  (Link to BGG entry on TFT, lots of pictures)

The Fantasy Trip is a role-playing system and the following items are from its latest incarnation by its originator, Steve Jackson. Originally bought with the intent of playing with my grandson, I now realise he just doesn’t have the interest in gaming that he seemed to have when he was younger.
The items here for sale were all released as Kickstarter campaigns and most have additional components to the currently available retail versions.
TFT is a very flexible system. Starting with basic combat in the Melee rules, basic magic is added by the Wizard rules and this is expanded into a comprehensive RPG system in the advanced rules 'In the Labyrinth', which covers a wider range of character skills and all the tools needed to build and play adventures.
The Legacy Edition package also includes 3 adventures, counters, maps and other play aids. My favourite are the 'Megahexes' which allow you to build custom arenas, dungeons or wilderness locations.
A full list of what is included in the Legacy Edition is given at the end of this page.
The contents of the Melee & Wizard boxes along with some samples of the  die-cut counters that come with them.
The maps are folded paper but I think you will find that you will be using the Megahexes to create your encounter spaces rather than these maps.
The hexes are about 38mm (1.5 inches) across and the character counters 25mm (1 inch) square. This would fit well with either 15mm or 25-30mm figures if you decide to use those rather than counters.
The Adventures pack adds 5 more adventures, more counters and 5 more sheets of Megahexes.

The Fantasy Trip - Adventures
As well as the hard-back book containing the 5 adventures you get 5 sheets of Megahexes & counters and other play aids.

1x2MHex, 7x1MHex, 1x4Hex, 4x1Hex & 169 counters

The Fantasy Trip - Decks of Destiny
Decks of Destiny is a large collection of play aids for The Fantasy Trip. This is the 'I want all the Newness' version of the Kickstarter with many items that are not included in the standard retail edition.

The main items are 5 decks of cards and a box of 13 new Megahexes.

Adversaries cards have ready to play fighters & wizards along with skill cards to upgrade them if you use the more advanced rules.

Creature cards have 70 monsters & animals with sample stats and other information on using them in an adventure.

Treasure cards have 100 treasures described, some with a random element.

Rumour cards give details of possible 'hooks' to adventures or situations within an adventure.

Labyrinth cards are my favourite. A pack of 62 hex shaped cards with a layout of hexes on each. Can be used to create a random dungeon or wilderness path or as a quick way of mapping an adventure location. Convert the layout to a game board using the Megahexes and you have an instant and very flexible playing area that can be different in every game with a minimum of effort.

Four storage boxes are included to safely store the card decks and each deck also has the information on the cards in a small notebook where extra detail can be recorded.

The new Megahexes are more colourful than the first set and have some useful features including sets of stairs to move between levels.

There are two sets of player aid cards that summarise the choices a player has in different circumstances. Using these not only helps inexperienced players but speeds up games for all players.

Extras not included in the retail version include:
Two different 24inch (30cm) square playsheets in a flexible but durable material
Two 1 inch cube custom metal dice with a different design on each face
6 more character pads (50 sheets in each), 6 more dry-wipe character cards, 8 extra dice, 3 notebooks & 2 A4 folders

In addition to the above are 4 small booklets with TFT articles and ideas called Hexagram (numbers 1-4) and a further supplement 'The book of Unlife' (undead types & including them in adventures) with an adventure ''The Red Crypt'.
All of these were bought as PDF files only.

All the materials in TFT Legacy Edition, TFT Adventures and Decks of Destiny are included in PDF format as well (this was part of the Kickstarter so all legal). These will be provided on a DVD.

The original Kickstarter & Adventures are both punched and have seen a few games but the Decks of Destiny has only been unpacked and sorted into the appropriate storage boxes.
All parts are in excellent condition with original boxes.

I prefer to sell this as a single lot and it is likely to be quite expensive to ship so only buyers from the UK please.
I'm OK with it being collected if that is an option for buyers.

Many of these items are out of print and not much is available on Amazon or E-Bay at the moment. At RRP these would cost over $370.

I'm looking for around £200 for the lot, plus shipping.

Contents of The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter box

Melee : Box, 24p Rule booklet, 86 Counters, 3 red dice & Playsheet (22.5x12in)

Wizard : Box, 24p Rule booklet, 8p Spell booklet, 62 Counters, 3 blue dice & Playsheet (22.5x12in)

Death Test & Death Test 2 (2 solo adventures) : Box, 2 booklets (DT - 24p, DT2 - 48p), 66 counters

In the Labyrinth, Advanced Melee & Advanced Wizard : Advanced rules for TFT in one 176p softback rulebook

Tollenkar’s Lair (GM adventure) : Rule book & Labyrinth map

Megahexes – thick card, in a variety of configurations in a storage box

              1x4, 3x3 (3 types), 1x2, 8x1 megahexes & Single hex : 7x3, 7x2, 6x1

Gamemaster’s screen and A4 Character & Reference sheet booklet (with various GM & player aids, all photocopyable)

2 Poster maps - full colour

The following items are only in the Kickstarter edition, not the retail version

14 hex Dragon counter and 2 more dice, 1 red & 1 blue

A different Labyrinth map (6 levels), key and notes on use

3 Melee & 3 Wizard character sheet pads (50 in each)

Random Treasure generation card

Dry wipe character cards (16 ready-made characters & 8 blank cards)

Player portfolio & 2 different folders – all 12x9in

Fantasy Trip Companion (66 pp PDF of articles & materials)


Contents of the Decks of Destiny (I want all the Newness) Kickstarter box

2 Player’s Packs : Play aid cards & dry-erase marker, character journal

Rumour Cards : 68 rumours on cards & in 30pp journal

Treasure cards : 100 treasures on cards & in 28pp journal

Adversaries Cards : 24 Fighters, 24 Wizards, 70 creatures, 24 Skill cards & 11 others

Labyrinths : 62 different labyrinth layouts on cards & in 32pp journal

13 new sheets of Megahex tiles in storage box (unpunched) - more colourful than the originals & with useful bits like stairs

2x4, 6x3 (3 types), 2x2, 16x1 megahexes & Single hex : 14x3, 14x2, 12x1 and 9 x 4 Hex stairs in various configurations

The following are only in the Kickstarter edition, not the retail version

4 sturdy storage boxes for the cards & 2 for player’s ‘bits’

3 Melee & 3 Wizard character pads (50 in each)

3 Fighter & 3 Wizard dry-erase cards

4 green/silver & 4 black/silver dice

3 small notebooks/journals with blank hex grids & two 12x9” folders

Two different 24in square playsheets (flexible but durable material)

Two 25mm metal dice with different designs on their faces