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Here be Dragons
25mm Fantasy Miniatures
Dragons & such from way back when
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All these are in blister packs or boxed. Most of the packaging is in reasonable condition, given their age, (I'd probably describe them as 'shop worn') except where noted.

These were probably bought in the late 80's to early 90's and some seem to be still available in some form or other. The guy I'm selling them for isn't sure when he got them. He bought them to paint up as display models for a shop but tried doing one and realised it was harder than he thought and put them in a box and they have been there for 35 years or more.

Where multiple names/codes are given the model has had different names at different times.

Many of these seem to be classed as 'collector's items' but I'm no collector and so prices are more realistic than those on evil-bay. I'm open to offers on all of these and the more items you want, the more I'm prepared to negotiate.

The Dragons
CD 1 : Citadel Miniatures 074577/7
Fantasy Monsters - Coatl
CD 2 : Citadel Miniatures DS7
Young Fire Dragon
CD 3 : Citadel Miniatures 074665/4
Young Dragons - Creeping Dragon/Mountain Dragon/Cold Drake

CD 4 : Citadel Miniatures DG5 [0806/02 in 1988 catalogue]
Fire Dragon
CD 5 : Citadel Miniatures DG7 [0804/03 in 1988 catalogue]
Green Dragon
CD 6 : Citadel Miniatures 074665/2
Young Dragons - Scorpion Dragon/Young Wyvern
CD 7 : Citadel Miniatures 074677/9
Fantasy Monsters : Jabberwock(y)
G1 : Grenadier Dragon Lords - Black Dragon II
Box in good condition
Other Fantasy figures & 1 Sci-Fi
G2 : Grenadier Fantasy Lords
2 Female Centaurs (544)

G3 : Grenadier Cthulhu
Mi-Go & 2 Serpentmen (210)


G4 : Grenadier Cthulhu

RP1 : Ral Partha AD&D 11.402
Couatl 2 packs
RP2 : Ral Partha AD&D 11.424
Unicorn (damaged blister)

RP3 : Ral Partha Battletech
2 Fighters with stands (Sparrowhawk SPR-HD)

M1 : Mithril Miniatures, Middle Earth figurines
M60 Hobbit scout on Pony
M61 2 Hobbit Fighters

The packs on these are in good condition but the foam inside has deteriorated significantly.