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If you are going to send your Tiny Tin Troopers to a painter then you want to see the quality of work that they can do.

In the galleries below are some samples of our work so you can get some idea of the style and the level of detail that we paint.



New style Galleries
Managing the old galleries was getting to be a bit of a pain so I have switched to something simpler. Just a page that is mostly images with a few notes where appropriate.
Each page is usually one job but sometimes similar jobs have been combined.
6mm War of the Spanish Succession    
6mm Camps & Baggage    
6mm Great Northern War    
3mm American Civil War    
18th Century Imagination
10mm League of Augsburg
3mm Napoleonics
Flodden 10mm
More coming shortly    

   2mm & 3mm

Ancient to Renaissance

Horse & Musket


Scenics, ships etc


The smallest commercially available figure scale has a lot more to offer than you might think. In this scale you paint for the look of the unit as a whole and the 'mass effect' can make an army really look like an ARMY.

Note that is particularly difficult to photograph things this small so not all the detail shows as well in a photo as 'in the flesh'.


Ancient to Renaissance

Horse & Musket

20th Cent & Colonial

Science Fiction

Terrain & Scenics


A popular scale with a wide range of periods available. Enough detail so that figures show as individuals but units look like a body of men.


Ancient to Renaissance

Horse & Musket

20th Century

  With 10mm you get similar visual detail to some 15mm figures and they are still small enough to have the appearance of 'mass' that 15mm lacks.


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