3mm Sci-Fi

OK, I'll have to own up - I did finally succumb to a Sci-Fi army. Years of being a died-in-the-wool historical gamer means that I say this with a certain degree of embarrassment but I have to admit, I rather like these and painting them is definitely fun.

I'm blaming Germy and GZG for getting me going on these. I'm a sucker for any small scale stuff and these looked REALLY cute. I'm not normally one for 'cute' but, put it down to a senile fancy if you like - I had to try a few packs. No intentions of building armies or playing games with them, nothing so heretical even crossed my mind (but then I lie a lot).

They are still a long way from completion but, now I've got started, I want to play games with them. The trouble is that I can't find rules I like to do the kind of games I want so I'm also in the process of writing those - and not getting very far either.

So far I've managed to design the background more successfully than the rules. The action takes place on Credulous IV - a planet with a violent volcanic past, vicious terrain and weird magnetic anomalies. Designed entirely to limit the armoured and electronic aspects of  'future war' so that the grunts have a role to play. Politically it is a hotbed of rival commercial interests (mostly mining but also some pharmaceuticals from local vegetation) and cultists with personal armies, mercenaries and other diverse military organisations. Chaotic & violent - but fun.


The Models
I've managed to get about 30 bases painted so far, some of which are shown in the pics below. About another 50 bases are 'in progress' (and probably will stay that way for a while) and I have the models for more yet to start on.

Most of them are from the GZG 'Germy's Micro Minis' range but I also have some of the Irregular 2mm Sci-Fi range and I'm using some of Oddizal Osmy 3mm WW2 infantry for the 'grunts'.

Colour schemes are distinctly 'silly' - which reflects my view of this period. I want colourful and cute for the models and playable and quick for the rules without too much detail in the mechanics but interesting and novel tactical problems to solve.

All bases are 30mm square MDF

Grav APC
Wheeled Tanks
Hover APC
Medium Hover Tanks
Super Heavy Hover Tanks
4-Leg Walkers
Tripod Walkers
Irregular 2mm Bipod Walkers