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A range of colourful and accurate flags and standards to enhance your units.

Available in a range of sizes that are not tied to specific figure scales so that you can have flags to scale or as big as you want.

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What I set out to do with this range was to produce flags that gave Wargamers, particularly those using smaller scale figures, those characteristics that I feel that currently available ranges do not always include :

  • Bright & Colourful - many printed ranges are rather dull, small scale figures need to be painted brighter and using lighter colours so their flags need to follow the same convention.

  • Crisp Detail - many originals for small scales are reduced from larger bit-map images and often lose definition and clarity. The originals for these ranges are all produced as vector graphics and so scale down with no loss of detail or crispness (within the limits of the printer)

  • A Range of Sizes - why be tied to what the supplier decides is the 'correct' size of flag for your figures ? These ranges come in multiple sizes so you can choose which suits you and your armies best.

  • Easier to Use - these are pretty small bits of wet paper so any help you can get in assembling and attaching them accurately must be good. I have incorporated an idea or two that should help.

  • All flag sheets are laser printed on high quality 90 or 100gsm paper.
  • Each sheet is A5 size and contains flags arranged in blocks to make assembly (and particularly alignment) easier.


There is a shipping/handling charge of 1.50 on each order for buildings, ship counters and flags delivered within the UK, no matter how many packs are purchased.

For orders delivered to Europe or the Rest of the World a postage supplement is paid on each order. See the top of all flag range pages for further details - note that this supplement is paid only ONCE per order.

All orders are sent 2nd Class post or Airmail, in a card-backed envelope so that your order reaches you in perfect condition.



Instruction sheets

Download or read the various Instruction sheets for all flag ranges (also information sheets on some ranges are here too)

Flag Sizes

Some notes on the flag sizes I sell and their suitability for different figure sizes/scales

Flag Catalogue

Full lists of all our flag ranges and their contents

Being updated with new additions

Notes on how and why I produced these ranges and some answers to common queries

   Age of Rifles


Infantry : Sardinia/Piedmont 1848 &1859, Naples 1859, Papal State



 For 1859-70 :

All of these ranges are partly completed but health problems with my back and more recent surgery will delay them considerably.
When I have a better idea of a completion date I will post it here.






Infantry : 1861-5 - NEW

Added 22mm pages. Now have 8-22mm


Infantry : 1861-5 - NEW



Infantry : 1804, 1812 and 1815 patterns


Infantry : 1792 and 1806 patterns


Infantry : 1740-1806 and post 1806


Infantry : 1803 pattern


Infantry : 1815 & Peninsula (1808-1814)



Infantry : all 5 (or is it 6?) patterns


German States & Duchy of Warsaw

Infantry : Saxony 1802, Wurttemberg 1811, Hesse-Darmstadt 1804 & Duchy of Warsaw

Portugal & Spain

Infantry : Portugal & Spain

22mm all above nations

All the above for 1/72, 20mm & 25mm figures


   18th Century

Prussia 1740-1806

Infantry : 1740 pattern - Now on same page as post 1806 flags

France Ancien Regime

Infantry : regiments as during 7 year's war but many flags suitable from 1680 up to the Revolution

Added 22mm pages. Now have 8-22mm

Great Northern War

Infantry : Russian and Swedish

Added 8mm & 22mm pages. Now have 8-22mm

War of the Spanish Succ'n

Infantry : Dutch, Auxilliaries, British, Prussian, Danish, German States, France & Bavaria

Added 22mm pages. Now have 8-22mm

   17th Century

ECW Range

Foot : Parliament & Royalist

Ireland 1690

Foot & Horse : Jacobite and Williamite

Added 22mm pages. Now have 8-22mm


3rd Crusade

Various heraldic flags for Crusader leaders, Military Orders and lesser nobles plus lance pennons

Only currently available for 10-15mm figures. To be Revamped, hopefully April/May

Flodden 1513

Banners and other flags for Scots and English

Also available in 30mm on A4 sheets

   Other Ranges

Naval Ranges

Spanish Armada : Spanish & English in scales from 1/600-1/2400

WW2 Posters

French, Russian & German advertising and propaganda posters in 3 sizes for 6mm-28mm figures






Some sample shots of our flags in use on 10mm Pendraken figures (left) and Baccus 6mm Napoleonics