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One of the things about printed flag ranges that I always found a bit irksome was that the manufacturer decided what size the flags were for you - you never got any choice, unless you went to a different supplier.

With TTT Flags YOU get to choose the size.

Remember that the size given is the HEIGHT of the printed flag.

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For larger scale figures this wasn't too much of a problem. Correctly scaled flags for figures 15mm and up look fine (though I do like BIG flags) but what if the figures have 'scale creep' and are now 18mm ? For 10mm and smaller figures the difference in figure size varies far more as a proportion of the figure size and I have found that scale sized flags just look too small but then, that's me, others may prefer them to scale.

Running a painting service means that you come across all opinions and you need to meet their needs in an economical way. That's when I started to make my own flags so that they could be just what the customer ordered.

You can download an A4 PDF HERE that has some low-resolution samples in all the sizes we offer (or plan to offer) - in the same format as on our flag sheets.

Print these on your own printer and try them out for size - that way you won't buy the wrong size.


Flag sizes 6mm to 8mm have a central section, the part that wraps around the flagpole on the model, that is 3mm wide. On 10mm & 12mm flags this section is 4mm wide, 5mm on the 15mm and 18mm and 6mm on 22mm sizes.

We have found that these sizes fit all the ranges that we have tried them on but we haven't tried everything.


Height of Flag  

Notes & Application

6mm   Approximately the correct size for most flags for 6mm figures from 17th to the 19th centuries for many nations.  

About the maximum size that fits on a 6mm figure flagpole and about right for British flags.

Also about the right size for French Napoleonic flags for 15mm figures.

10mm   A good average for 10mm figures, a little over scale on 'true' 10mm and a little under for 'heroic' 10mm figures.  
12mm   My personal preference for 10mm figures. Somewhat over scale for even the larger figure ranges, but not so large as to be 'silly'.  

Some larger 10mm figures will take a flag this size but they are well over scale.

A reasonable average for 15mm figures but then few modern 15's are average so the 18mm sizes may be better.


A bit large for even 'heroic' 15's but a good many gamers like their flags BIG so we have now obliged by adding these to our ranges.

22mm Originally requested to go with 1/72 scale plastic figures but works adequately with those described as 20mm or 25mm. May be a little small for 28mm.  

We have produced a few 'special' sheets of flags from 20 to 30mm and will eventually be producing more flags in larger sizes. Some older designs may need to be re-drawn to cope with the greater level of detail possible on larger flags and this takes time. Many of these are on A4 sheets.