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Flight bases

Early December 2016


TTT Xmas Dates

Customers outside the UK should make sure that orders reach me by 13th December to be sure of getting them before Xmas. UK customers should get them to me by 18th Dec.

TTT will be taking a Xmas break from 21st Dec to 5th Jan so orders may not be processed/posted until 6th Jan.

We are not away this year so I will be responding to enquiries but possibly not as quickly as usual.


Ship Counters now in 1/1200th scale

We added a 1/1200th scale version of the 1/600th Peloponnesian Wars set a while back but have now converted all sets to 1/1200th so all 6 sets are available in both scales. See HERE for more details and to purchase.

The smaller versions have had some changes made to make details stand out better but are essentially the same images as the original 1/600th sets.


Painting Service

I'm currently fully booked and it is likely that I will be unable to take on any new clients for the foreseeable future. For more details go to the Painting Service page.


If you have been getting unsolicited e-mails purporting to come from Tiny Tin Troops and that contain any sort of a link then please do NOT click on the links. These e-mails do NOT come from me.

The website itself has always been safe and ordering is via PayPal and secure, you can't get any problems ordering from this website.


Magnetic Bases

2mm MDF Bases

Card Bases

Flex-O-Metal & Magnetic Sheets

Custom Bases

Basing FAQ

Price list UK (PDF)

Price list Europe (PDF)

Magnetic backed bases in a comprehensive range of sizes.

A range of sheet material to make your own bases and movement trays.

One-click ordering via PayPal for all packs.

Welcome to the Tiny Tin Troops website

TTT is only small but we are slowly expanding the range of products and services we offer.

We have our range of magnetic basing and storage products.

A growing range of flags in sizes from 6mm to 18mm.


For periods from The Crusades to Austerlitz and a few naval ones too.

Our range of card ship counters covers the whole period of ancient galley warfare and more are planned.

Our card building range is set for some expansion soon.

At last - a new buildings set.

An ECW village




Other Basing Products

Flight Bases


A range of detachable flight bases for aircraft, spaceships, dragons etc.

Only 30mm bases still available


Card Models

Ship Counters

Card Buildings

2D ship counters (1/600th & 1/1200th scale) and fold and glue 3D buildings (1/300th scale).

Laser printed on good quality card.

1/300th ECW Village



Wargamer's Armorial

English medieval heraldry - over 800 arms in full colour. Organised specifically for wargamers.






Prussia 1740-1806

18C France


Ireland 1690

Great Northern War

Flodden 1513

Naval Ranges


WW2 Posters

A range of paper flags designed specifically for small scale figures.


April 16 : Added new Flodden 1513 range

Sept 16 : added new WSS range


Painting Service



Painting and basing service for 2mm - 10mm figures.

Not currently taking new commissions


Instant Armies

None currently available

Ready painted armies, just buy and play.



Main Page


The non-commercial bits. Some of my wargaming projects, information and musings.

Links page is coming eventually - honest !!!



I'm collecting the PDF documents together here for easy reference (eventually).

About Us

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Contact Us

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