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Latest news & products (as at 17th Jan 2024)
Price Increase
As of today prices for flags will increase by 10% (a bit more for some multi-sheet sets) and the handling charge will increase from 1 to 1.50.
Card product prices have also increased by 20-25% to bring them roughly in line with flag prices.
Postage supplements for non-UK addresses have also increased.
This just about covers the increase in the cost of production. Toner costs have rocketed up since the pandemic and the new printer users a more expensive toner than the old one - which is what you have to pay to increase the quality. The one-off charges reflect increases in postal costs, PayPal fees and the increased time spent filling in customs forms and also the increasing number of 'lost' shipments.
There is no increase in the prices of magnetic or Ferrosheet sheets.
Revamped 'For Sale' pages - more to come over the next few weeks.

Flags : NEW : Two 8mm sheets added to the Ireland 1690 page


Flag pages have been rearranged and re-worked for simpler ordering.


Painting Service is CLOSED



2mm MDF Magnetic Bases

SORRY but I will not be producing these any more.

Ferrosheet & Magnetic sheets

A range of sheet material to make your own bases and movement trays.

Flags (6mm-22mm)

A range of bright and well detailed laser printed flags on high quality paper.

NEW : Added two 8mm sheets & a 2 sheet set to Ireland 1690

NEW : American Civil War

Ranges : Crusades, Flodden, ECW, Ireland 1690, GNW, WSS, 7YW, Napoleonic, Armada Naval and WW2 Posters (for 6-28mm figs).

Card Buildings

Fold and glue 3D buildings (1/300th scale). Laser printed on good quality card.

1/300th Medieval Village and ECW Village

Card Ship Counters

2D ship counters in both 1/600th & 1/1200th scale.

Ancient Galleys : 6 sets from Peloponnesian wars to Actium.

PDF Documents

Product catalogues, Instructions and Information sheets from all ranges collected together on one page


A selection of figures that are surplus to requirements. Mostly unpainted but some painted stuff too.

First set of 3 reorganised 'For Sale' pages. All Fantasy/RPG items in 3 scales. Vintage 25mm Citadel, Grenadier, Ral Partha & Mithril in original packaging; 15mm Fantasy RPG & Prehistoric lots. 10mm Fantasy for mass battles.

More pages coming with some new items and many reduced prices on older ones.


A selection of examples of painted figures from the old TTT Painting Service


The non-commercial bits. Some of my wargaming projects, information and musings.

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