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Welcome to the 'new look' TTT website. Simpler and hopefully easier to find what you want
Latest news & products (as at 01/03/2019)
The new 'For Sale' section now includes some painted items.
A mix of scales from 6mm to 15mm at the moment.
New 15mm Balkan wars & 6mm village sets just added.
More will be added once I get the lots sorted and listed.
More New flags
Italian Risorgimento 1848-69
(Sardinia, Naples & Papal State)
[first of an 'Age of Rifles' range to come during this year. French for 1870 coming next, Austrians for 1866-69 soon after
March : Napoleonic German States (Saxony, Hesse-Darmstadt & Wurttemberg) & Duchy of Warsaw. Designs completed, sheet layout about to start.
New magnetic basing & storage products
We have now sold all our stock of Flex-o-Metal. This has now been superseded by Ferrosheet - heavier and with more 'hold'. We have also added 2 new sizes to fit A4 boxes and 4 litre Really Useful Boxes but most importantly...
Ferrosheet is still CHEAPER than before and now available in bulk packs

Website re-worked and front page simplified
Flag pages have been rearranged and re-worked for simpler ordering.


Painting Service is now CLOSED

  New Napoleonic 22mm flag range
A new size has been added to the ranges. These are 22mm tall and suitable for 20mm and 1/72 scale figures.
The first releases are 46 sheets for Napoleonic foot.  All nations are on a separate page for the time being but will gradually be integrated into their proper pages.


2mm MDF Magnetic Bases

Magnetic backed bases in a comprehensive range of sizes.

One-click ordering via PayPal for all packs.

Ferrosheet & Magnetic sheets

A range of sheet material to make your own bases and movement trays.

New : Ferrosheet - heavier version of Flex-o-Metal with more 'hold'. Flex-o-Metal now out of stock.
New : pre-cut sheets for A4 & Really Useful 4 lit boxes

New : Bulk packs now available

Flight Bases

A range of detachable flight bases for aircraft, spaceships, dragons etc.

Flags (6mm-22mm)

A range of bright and well detailed laser printed flags on high quality paper.

NEW : Italian Risorgimento

22mm flags (for 1/72) : Napoleonic Foot

Ranges : Crusades, Flodden, ECW, Ireland 1690, GNW, WSS, 7YW, Napoleonic, Armada Naval and WW2 Posters (for 6-28mm figs).

Card Buildings

Fold and glue 3D buildings (1/300th scale). Laser printed on good quality card.

1/300th Medieval Village and ECW Village

Card Ship Counters

2D ship counters 1/600th & 1/1200th scale.

Ancient Galleys : 6 sets from Peloponnesian wars to Actium.

PDF Documents

Product catalogues, Instructions and Information sheets from all ranges collected together on one page


A selection of figures that are surplus to requirements. Mostly unpainted but some painted stuff too.


A selection of examples of painted figures from the old TTT Painting Service


The non-commercial bits. Some of my wargaming projects, information and musings.

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